Ronggui Haiwei Interchange Greening Project Completed Bas...
    It’s reported that the greening project of Rongggui Haiwei Interchange has been basically completed. As an important transport hub, the interchange is located at the intersection between National Highway 105 and Hongqi Road in Ronggui. According to reports, started in March ...  Details
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Dragon Boat Race
    The dragon boat race has been famous in Shunde since ancient times. In the early period of Qing Dynasty, Guangdong Xinyu•Zhouyu, written by Qu Dajun, records that "Annual dragon boat race was launched in Longjiang,Shunde in May or June. At that time, the river with placid water as dragon boat field should be in moderate size. Any one who won the match in final could r ...  Details
    Situated in the central part of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), Shunde is to the south of Guangzhou and to the north of Hong Kong and Macao with an area of 806 k㎡. It is an important part of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle and Guangdong-Hong Kong Economic Circle. Established in the 3rd year of Jingtai of Ming Dynasty (1452), Shunde currently has jurisdiction over ten towns with a resident population of 2.51 million (including 1.23 million registered permanent residents ...  Details
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